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Historical Intraday Data

Historical Intraday Data

Historical Intraday 1 Minute Futures Data for CTA’s, Quants, Hedge Funds & Traders.

Let me see the CQG Data Factory Symbols

Historical Intraday Futures Data RosetteWe provide historical intraday data and continuous 1 minute historical data for CTAs hedge funds and traders.  Our historical intraday futures data 1 minute data packages include commodities, forex, stock indices cash contracts and ETFs. Access CQG Data Factory historical intraday futures data for foreign exchange, energies, financials, meats, metals, currency, softs, exotics and indexes. If you are a quant, fund manager CTA or serious trader then this is the place to be.

We supply over 30 years of customised continuous intraday 1 minute and 50 years of daily data for backtesting.  Choose from zero adjusted, back adjusted and ratio adjusted roll tecniques for your intraday data purchases on all CQG Data Factory products such as Gold, S&P mini, NASDAQ mini, Dow, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Cotton, Coffee, Copper, US Treasury Bonds and thousands more…

Portara is a hands-on, tailored, quality data service.  Whether you choose a direct data purchaseor a subscription which includes Portara AND the data — we will guide you through the many nuances of purchasing intraday data that professional traders need to contend with.

Our historical daily data product is specially prepared for traders who wish to account for ALL the data in the session i.e to see last close on the daily bar rather than the antiquated settlement price provided by other daily data vendors. But if you want settlement price, we can give you that too!

Purchase extensive historical intraday data is from 1987 and historical daily data from 1965.  Or, subscribe to our update service and our award winning extraction roll and compression software and receive the data too…

Portara champions TWO types of data solution:

Option 1: A Direct Purchase of CQG Data Factory ASCII TXT CSV Data

Portara has over 10,000 Futures, Forex, ETF’, Stock Indexes, Cash Contracts, Continuous intraday futures and forex data.

We also supply zero and back adjusted intraday data including data from all futures sectors such as Energy, Grains, Meats, Metals, Financials, Indexes, Softs and Currency foreign exchange markets.

We include all roll, compression timestamp choices and formatting work in our quotes.

Choose your symbols from our extensive database.

Pricing & Options…

Option 2: The Same Data as Option 1 PLUS The PORTARA Powerhouse

Roll data into continuation form. Continuous, zero or back adjusted, using any compression, 1 min, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, hourly, daily.

Set dynamic open and closing session times across 30 years of intraday All Session Data. Cut away unwanted illiquid morning and evening sessions. Create overnight daily bars.

Randomize opens and closes — strategy and robustness testing tools — included as standard.

Automate updates, rolls and compressions, including command line and batch file processes.

What’s inside Portara?

Portara provides CQG Data Factory historical intraday futures data.

We include the award winning Portara — our data extraction powerhouse — our roll and compression management front-end.

Keep your data up-to-date
with our CQG data update service

90 Second Demo of All Main Features

Watch how Portara Creates Back Adjusted Historical Daily And Historical Intraday Data

Do you need to alter the volatility of your historical intraday data sets, randomise the opens and closes for statistical robustness testing? Do you need a way to correctly timestamp your historical intraday data? Do you wish to have global markets timestamped by exchange time, or by your local time? If you are concerned about DST differences on your intraday futures data and are savvy enough to recognise the need to account for dual DST equinox differentials with your ASCII TXT and CSV extractions —then watch this video…

Portara | Awards

HFM Awards 2015


Portara wins an award at the HFM Awards November 2015. Also Portara was voted with the highest commendation for ‘Best Data Provider’.
Portara Winner HFM Awards 2015
HFM Awards 2016


Portara wins a highly commended award at the European HFM Awards November 2016. Portara was ‘highly commended in the ‘Best Data Provider’ class.
Portara Hedge Fund Magazine Tech Award 2016

Portara | The Big Data Powerhouse

CQG Data Factory Pricing photo

Portara | A Summary

Portara Extraction Software

Portara® is CQG Data Factory’s extraction software. It allows you to create actual data (tenors) and continuous back-adjusted streams from CQG historical intraday, daily futures, cash, ETF and forex data.

Local Database

Intraday and daily databases are local to your machine extracting ASCII TXT CSV to any time frame and format guaranteed for all backtesting platforms.

Integrated Solution for Futures & FOREX Traders

Portara is a completely integrated historical intraday data solution for hedge fund and portfolio managers, quants and traders.

Auto Updates from CQG

Portara includes session time extraction and cross-pit/cross-electronic coupling. It includes an intraday/daily updating service immediately after the US market closes for timely decision-making prior to next open.

Create Regular Trading Hour RTH Data

It can create Regular Trading Hour (RTH) daily bars and limitless combinations of historical intraday data modelling.

NO Prerequisites or Exchange Fees

A subscription to CQG Integrated Client or CQG API is not necessary. Data updates are exchange fee exempt.

Portara Research | CTA Intelligence Magazine

Where Has the Open Gone? (Is legacy daily data dead?)

Has 24h trading destroyed the significance of the open as a precursor to initiate a trade? Read the editorial article written by Arthur Maddock for CTA Intelligence magazine.

Arthur talks about 'Volatility Off The Open' style systems. This is a major paradigm shift that should make you pause for thought. The significance of this phenomenon may have profound effects upon your backtested results or worse. If you are a CTA or Quant testing for trade verification strategies in this area then this article is worth reading. There is a video about the article's conclusions in the video section.

Portara | Simple Mechanics – Regular Trading Hours Data with CQG Data Factory Databases

Portara wraps itself around CQG Data Factory Data allowing you to create continuous and actual historical intraday data in any format you need for backtesting your systems.
Portara is platform-neutral and can be used to create ASCII TEXT and CSV data exactly the way you need them.
You can create historical intraday data down to 1 minute resolution by rolling the actual CQG data contracts and then compressing them to your chosen format.
Portara gives you full flexibility and control over your roll settings.  You can even read roll dates into Portara from a text file and roll based upon these external dates.

Regular Trading Hours data under normal circumstances is very difficult to create. Portara allows you to customise your session times so that you are in full control of your historical RTH data.
You can chop away the morning, evening and night sessions and create custom daily data. The daily OHLC bars are now based upon the intraday database.
You can change the open and close session times to whatever you want. You can also create overnight daily bars, or intraday. Have a daily open in the prior day session and a close in today’s, with highs and lows in-between. Test for trading edges where no one else does, the possibilities are compelling.

So, how cool is that?


Historical Intraday Data Guarantee

Genuine CQG Data Factory 1 minute and daily historical intraday data 100%
Includes Timely Update Service from CQG to keep intraday databases current 100%
Data From Inception 1965 - Today across 238 Global Exchanges 100%
International Award Winning Product 100%
Futures | FOREX | Cash | ETF — Asset Classes 100%

In a Nutshell Comment

“Out of all comments ever made to me about Portara the most inspiring was this one by a small CTA fund manager from Boston. This is what he said:”

“RTH data, this is pioneering stuff Arthur… traders just don’t know they need it yet”

We are now featured at CQG within CQG Data Factory Features And Markets and also here on the main site at CQG

Try it!

Get to know Portara with a 14 Day Trial

Access 3 years of CQG 1 Minute Bar British Pound BP (Pit), BPA (All Sessions) & BP6 (Globex)
Access 3 years of CQG 1 Minute Bar Light Sweet Crude Oil CL (Pit), CLA (All Sessions) & CLE (Globex)


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