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Includes a 3 Year Test CQG Database

The Trial includes a 3 Year test database of CQG Intraday & Daily data for

BP (British Pound Pit)
BPA (British Bound All Sessions)
CL (Crude Oil Pit)
CLA (Crude Oil All Sessions)

Compatible with ALL trading & backtesting software

Create Continuous data in ASCII CSV Txt for:

Any backtesting application


Windows 2003/8/12 Server | XP/7/8/10 Compatible
Some features in the trial version are restricted
64bit Operating Systems Only

For TradingBlox Users - Enhanced Setup Mode

Trading Blox users can utilise ‘out-of-the-box’ templates and can automatically create a FuturesInfo.txt file. Also follow the alternative Trading Blox setup Instructions here
Dont forget to view the tutorials on our sister site!

For NinjaTrader Users - Templates/Tutorials Available

NinjaTrader users can utilise ‘out-of-the-box’ templates and can create semi-colon delimited continuous data files e.g 6B##-##.Last format (British Pound) for reading directly into NinjaTrader. Read about the Historical Data Import Facility within NinjaTrader on our sister site! NinjaTrader Import Facility Video

For SmartQuant Users - C# API

SmartQuant users can use the C# PortaraAPI to call your continuous data directly into the SmartQuant Framework. For Sell-Side strategies you may create customised data withion the API to test roll strategies and other end of contract scenarios. PortaraAPI