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CQG Datafactory Pricing

Portara provides a Tailored Service to Hedge Funds CTA's and Professional Traders with CQG Datafactory

CQG Datafactory

Traditional CQG Datafactory pricing is not used with Portara. A far more flexible and accessible solution is now available.

Subscription Based Pricing

Portara is subscription based, includes the cost of updates to your database and includes the ‘Portara Powerhouse’ award winning extraction and data manipulation technology.

The subscription process is split into two MAIN components:

Initial Year1 Licensing

Licensing is done in the primary year and is a one-off settlement based upon your needs. Licensing is not charged for subsequent years in the same way.

Subsequent Yearly Access

The charges are different for continued access in subsequent years and include an element of licensing and continued access to the CQG update services.

Simply Choose Your Portfolio Size

Portfolios are customised to your needs and requirements.

Portara has access to over 8,500 futures Forex and cash based commodities and instruments from all CQG global exchanges. CQG Datafactory and Portara are one of the largest repositories of historical intraday data in the world. Portara carries a ‘vanilla’ 360 symbols that most funds and traders require. We also have thousands of alternative futures and forex pairs not on this list.

Pricing is therefore tailored on an individual basis to suit each specific trader. Special bulk and discount deals can be secured. The main criteria for pricing is based on a combination of the following aspects that may suit an individual quote.

Size Of Portfolio

We have some OUTSTANDING deals and SPECIAL OFFERS. Portara is more than 100 fold less expensive than the traditional Datafactory flat-file solutions and pricing structure. The more symbols you order the more we can discount.

Access Length

We can restrict the number of years back as a way of pricing if that suits.

What You Can Access

Usually Portara is used to create continuous back-adjusted data streams to inception. However, some users need access to ACTUAL data (known as ‘Tenors’) this has a higher INITIAL licensing cost but is the same cost in future subscription years.

Level of Product

Portara has 4 product levels:
1. Standard Daily Data Only – Access to CQG’s Standard Daily Database
2. RTH Daily Data (Regular Trading Hours) – Access to BOTH Intraday and Daily Databases.
3. Full Intraday – Access everything down to the 1 minute time-frame
4. Portara Tick – In development

Each product variant has its own unique pricing. Please look at the different aspects of what Portara does to determine the best product for your needs.

Number of Licences Required

Portara is a single licence per user. However, to be fair Portara allows the sharing of the extractions between team members in a small fund up to 5 persons because we know that the person looking at R&D may not be the same person looking at the trades or executing. We allow fee movement between the team. However, Portara can only be installed on 1 machine per licence.

Custom Programming

Portara is a C# based environment. If you need custom work performing either proprietary work or as a shared feature we will provide quotes to suit your exact requirements. Portara has done this many times for its institutional client base.

Portara’s primary driver is to enjoy long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with its customers.

Consider an Onboarding Quote

Please contact Portara for an onboarding quote and a technical demonstration by the developer

If requested, Arthur Maddock will provide you and your team a full technical run-down of Portara and discuss the many features that may be of use to your fund. Arthur is an experienced commodity trader who originally built the solution for his own fund and will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have.